Poltrock Releases Gloomy Stripper Filled Music Video for ‘Titanus’, with a Surprise Ending

Belgian producer and composer, Poltrock, released a stunning yet melancholic music video for his track ‘Titanus’ which is the first single from his upcoming LP, ‘Machines’. Poltrock has been releasing several albums as part of a trilogy (Mutes, Moods, Machines), but the length in between each date is quite unconventional. Seeing as he uses pianos and keyboards quite often, David Poltrock decided to release an album in intervals of 88 days; the same amount of keys you would find on a standard keyboard. 

The music video for Poltrock’s ‘Titanus’ follows an aging stripper (portrayed by acclaimed Belgian actress Sigrid Vinks), surrounded by women much younger than her. The protagonist of the video is finishing her work for the night as she cleans off her makeup, gets dressed and heads home. The somber music and bright piano, perfectly complements the gloomy atmosphere and cinematography of ‘Titanus’. A track filled with tender layered production, Poltrock has proven that there is more to him than meets the eye.

The surprise ending catches you off guard, but without giving away too much, watch Poltrock’s music video below –

Poltrock explains that, for the ‘Titanus’ music video, “I wanted to avoid emphatic images of Icelandic horizons and mountains, which may also suit my sound.” The video’s co-director, Murielle Scherre, has explained before how she is “intrigued by imagery, particularly by the way women were being depicted in media. It’s so narrow-minded.”, and we are lucky enough to see part of her rebellion against this in her collaboration with Poltrock and Sam Ostyn

Pre-order Poltrock’s upcoming album ‘Machineshere, which will be released on 16 November via Poltrock Music

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