Jarvus releases hypnotic track, ‘Lake Mist’, from upcoming ambient EP, The Lake

Hailing from Oxford, ambient-electronic producer Jarvus shared another track from The Lake EP, scheduled to be released 13 June 2018 via Non State. Titled, ‘Lake Mist’, this 8-minute journey carries you away from the rush of everyday life and transports you to the serene landscape of Jarvus’ creative production. 

‘Lake Mist’ reminds you that life is about the journey, instead of the destination. From the beginning, the hypnotising synth encapsulates you as the warm, textured production forces you to turn up the volume, close your eyes and simply take in the sounds around you. Every so often the layered production leads your ear outdoors as you notice birds chirping in the background along with the soothing rolling noises of the lake’s tide. Overhead, the noise of ominous thunder rolls in, but it becomes quickly drowned out by the slow build of the synth-pad, reminding you that even though you might be facing a muddled reality at the moment, never forget to focus on the more positive things in life as they have the power to overshadow your burdens.

According to Jarvus, the upcoming EP “was inspired by morning walks at a lake near to where I live in the Oxford countryside. All sounds from the EP were created or recorded by myself without the use of samples.” 

The ambience surrounding ‘Lake Mist’ teleports you alongside the lake Jarvus speaks of and makes you feel right at home.

The Lake EP Tracklist:
1. Two Songs
2. Rock Pools
3. Lake Mist
4. Vole Ditch

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