EMMI IIDA releases celestial new single ‘Blooming’

Credit: Tabitha Brooke

EMMI IIDA is an internationally-recognised Finnish visual artist, holistic interior architect & musician currently based in the countryside of Southern Finland. ‘Blooming’, the first single from her debut album and first major release, hit the airwaves on the 22nd of September 2023 via her very own label EFG Records Oy. Accelerating her artistic momentum, the track has already gained support from notable tastemaker METAL Magazine.

Blooming’ is an ambient song whose genre is hard to pin down – its atmosphere, however, is potent and distinctly ethereal. EMMI IIDA begins the track with meditative spoken word poetry, carried by deep, lush synths and gently punctuated by tremolo-thick guitar chords. She starts to talk about what it means to be alive in our immense universe and following one’s inner wisdom and intuition. The driving, irregular drums steer the song through varying degrees of intensity. The contrast between EMMA IIDA’s strong, smoky yet clear spoken voice and her angelic soprano singing makes the listening experience immersive and engaging. Overall, the track is a sublime spiritual journey in experimental electronica, worth at least a few listens to appreciate its complexity and profundity. 

EMMI IIDA remarks: Blooming is about awakening your creativity through sensuality and the sacral chakra — the song offers healing frequencies and messages that affect your subconscious: lifting your self-worth, which boosts your ability to live the life you’re dreaming of.”



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