Moonlik Releases the Perfect Night Drive EP “Midnight Symphony”

Hailing from Tournai, Belgium comes a chill, experimental sound that will set your mind into another dimension. Going by the name Moonlik, the electronic producer has released his Midnight Symphony EP. 
Rich with verbal speech samples and groovy bass lines that get your head nodding off to the beat, Midnight Symphony is the kind of music you want to drive around in the middle of the night and listen to, as the street lights pass you on by one and become but streaks in the night sky.
About his passion for the art, Moonlik says, “I had to find a way to let this inner volcano erupt, so I bought a computer and a sampler and that was the beginning of an addiction which will never leave me, I think. It’s a bit like falling in love, you feel over the moon, invincible, and you are ready to devote your entire life to that love, coz you believe in it.”
Listen to the first track off Midnight Symphony, ‘Universe‘ here.

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